Keeping the area where you spend most of your time clean is a good idea. As a result, good janitorial services is an essential member of your team. Safety, employee retention, and clients who trust your ability to perform in a timely manner are all at stake. This is where Feather Cleaning step in. Your specific requirements determine our service to you. As the name implies, We clean for you.

We provide janitorial services that include care tasks, but each business has its own set of requirements. Also We keep an ear out for them.

Commercial Office Cleaning vs Janitorial Services

There are two types of commercial office cleaning: janitorial service and commercial office cleaning. Both types of services concern keeping the workplace clean and orderly, but there is a distinction.

Deep cleaning will be essential for commercial cleaning, typically done quarterly, biannually, or annually. This is an entirely different level of cleaning that necessitates the use of specialised equipment and more thorough cleaning.

Janitorial services are a standard and minimal set of cleaning tasks geared towards the daily maintenance of a small to medium-sized office. This could include vacuuming regularly as part of a daily maintenance checklist rather than doing deeper cleaning occasionally. Commercial janitorial services will also include dusting, trash removal, green cleaning, deodorising, disinfecting, and sanitizing restrooms and kitchens.

Commercial janitorial services differ from residential ones in that they are performed by professionals who have received specialised training in areas such as electronic disinfection.

What You Should Look For

Finding a dependable janitorial service is critical. Ensure clear communication and that your service is adequately insured for damage. If a problem arises, you want to be able to trust them, hear about it right away, and not discover later that you were at fault.

The right janitorial service improves employee productivity and satisfaction while improving your bottom line and making a good impression on your customers, vendors, and visitors. It’s a big part of your reputation.

The right janitorial service should be someone you can rely on. Feather Cleaning can be trusted.

Do You Need a Janitorial Service?

Hiring a professional janitorial service rather than asking your employees to clean up means they can concentrate on their work. To ensure the safety of everyone in the facility, an experienced janitorial team will clean and sanitise surfaces, hardware, and offices. This should be done regularly to prevent the spreading of germs, bacteria, and other potentially harmful substances.

During cold and flu season, in high-traffic areas, consider using a HEPA filter air purifier in addition to regular cleaning for added protection against airborne germs.

No Need for Concern When Feather Cleaning is On the Job

Contact Feather Cleaning for a quick, dependable, thorough janitorial services in Burnaby. Our janitorial cleaning services are designed to produce excellent results using advanced techniques and materials tailored to your specific requirements. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in providing superior cleanliness and exceptional customer service. We take pride in our attention to detail and only use environmentally friendly products and equipment.